Do not sell your votes, urges Kumaraswamy

Hassan: Former Chief Minister and JD(S) State president HD Kumaraswamy on Sunday appealed to the public not to sell their votes for a few hundred rupees offered by election candidates.

JD(S) State President and Chief Ministerial Candidate HD Kumaraswamy requested the public to not sell their votes, at a rally in Gorur of Sakleshpur constituency on Sunday. Responding to reports of BJP candidate Narve Somashekhar offering money to people in Sakleshpur, he said that the few hundred rupees on offer were not sufficient for the people to meet their needs and urged people to vote for his party.

He claimed that he had a blueprint to waive farm loans, promised to give Rs. 5000 to people above the age of 65, every month, and Rs. 6000 to pregnant women.

He also accused film actors of making a business out of campaigning for different candidates. He attacked a certain actor for campaigning for the JD(S) in Hassan, for the BJP in Sakleshpur and for the Congress in some other place. He urged the people to not believe in actors’ campaigns since they support all the parties without any commitment for one.

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